Unlike anything you've seen before... 

It takes a village...

Posted on December 02, 2018 by BlueRoomPottery | 1 comment

  Fresh out of the kiln lanterns, a slim tall house and a church.




They will add a touch of magic to any corner of your home, imagine a mini village displayed on a mantel or a couple of dreamy chalet houses erected on a living room table.

I love the little touch of cutting out the windows for the light to shine through, an invitation for kids to imagine who might be the tiny inhabitants of these small fantasy dwellings.

You can use battery-powered tea lights, or real candle tea lights if you set the houses on a fire safe spot. Either way, they make for a stunning, classy nighttime feature.


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🎄Personalized Ornaments ~ Brand New🎄

Posted on November 26, 2018 by BlueRoomPottery | 0 comments



A gorgeous handmade ceramic pomegranate that will make this Holiday special.

Personalized just for you, ready to ship in 1-2 days.

Each is made individually one at a time and strung with a festive ribbon which makes it a one of a kind ornament.

Letters will be carved through the glaze with the clay showing underneath. 


Personalized Christmas ornaments, ceramic pomegranates 

  Red personalized ceramic pomegranate ornament     Turquoise pomegranate personalized Holiday ornament



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Thank you so much to all our nice customers this Season
MERRY CHRISTMAS to all that celebrate it! 

Although it has been really difficult for us these past two months, as we had 2 deaths in our immediate family, we worked very hard to make sure you got your gifts for your family members and loved ones on time, or with as little delay as possible, because we wanted YOU to have a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones, since we know how painful it is to be without them these days...

THANK YOU and have a wonderful rest of the Holiday Season!



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Secret Sale extended one more day

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You asked for it and here it is,

We are extending our secret sale for one more day until Tuesday July 11th, midnight (EST) to give you time to complete your orders :)

If you are signed up to receive our e-mails you must already have received your coupon code for our first ever 10% special sale. If not, just click here to sign up to our e-mail list, and we'll forward you your code.

Thank you all so much for the support and patronage! 

Sending you our Best Regards,





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