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Ruby Reds are back!!

Posted on December 02, 2016 by BlueRoomPottery | 0 comments

Just in time for the Holidays we are making some work with our beautiful Ruby Red glaze, an old favorite to many!!  

You asked for it, so here are some examples of the regular twisted leaf yarn bowl, the good luck and abundance pomegranate, and the large 8" yarn bowl for serious knitters :) 





Happy and Bright!

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A great gift for the knitter in your life

Posted on November 24, 2014 by BlueRoomPottery | 0 comments

Marietta has been working on a new series of beautiful knitting bowls, just in time for your Holiday gift giving.

Available in the following colors, will ship in about one week after order is placed.



              Eggplant Purple                                              Mint Green



                     Emerald Green                                            Cobalt Blue


Just place the yarn ball in the yarn bowl and pull the thread through the slot as you knit. Yarn bowls keep the ball from rolling across the floor, out of your kitty's playful paws, and the ball will twist and turn in the bowl as it gets unraveled while you knit!

A very useful bowl and great to look at, as part of your decor when you take a break from knitting!

Happy Holidays!

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