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Straight Red & Black Bottles

By Marietta Theodorou-LeMieux

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You can purchase these individually or all together for a discount. Just pick your choices from the drop down menu to the side.

These beautiful wheel thrown bottle forms feature Marietta's unique metallic finish, or otherwise lustres, that gives them their unique reflective surfaces.

All bottles are MADE TO order and will be shipped in 4-5 weeks.

This listing shows from left to right:

1 straight h: 10" (25cm) Red Crackle Bottle,
1 straight h: 8" (20cm) Smokey Crackle Bottle
and 1 straight h: 6" (15cm) Red Crackle

Marietta throws these bottles on the wheel up to 26" or 65cm high, (as tall as her present kilns can fit to fire) and gives workshops and demonstrations on bottle making. Many people have a difficult time believing that she doesn't use an extruder or a mold to make them until they watch her on the wheel. A very difficult form to throw!

The iridescence is achieved by adding 6% 22k Gold in powder form into the glaze and the piece is fired multiple times including a reduction firing (absence of oxygen during firing). The dragonfly wing effect is done by hand-painting.

The individual bottles are for sale here or you can purchase the whole set of 3 bottles if you wish. You can use them with dried flowers, they are decorative and do not hold water. A very versatile set of bottles, would make an excellent gift for a housewarming party or a wedding.

They can be ordered even if not currently in stock and will ship in two weeks.

Marietta has been selling these gorgeous elegant bottles through many of the top galleries in the country, some of them include:

The Art Institute of Chicago,
Museum of Art and Design (Former American Craft Museum), New York, NY
SFMOMA (San Francisco Museum of Modern Art)
Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Boston Museum of Art
Milwaukee Art Museum
Topeo Art Gallery, New Hope PA
American Artisan, Nashville TN
Cross MacKenzie Ceramic Arts, Washington, DC
M.C. Ginsberg, Iowa City IA
Bellagio, Asheville NC
Avant Garde Art Gallery, Washington DC.........and many more, too many to mention here!

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