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6" Amber Oval Bottle

By Marietta Theodorou-LeMieux

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Modern Home Decor Amber Sepia Bottle Vintage inspired handmade pottery metallic housewarming gift for newlyweds minimalist decor Wedding

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This is a gorgeous 6" (15cm) tall bottle, the shortest of all the bottles I make. It is inspired by the ancient Roman perfume and tear bottles that I saw in museums in Greece and Italy. Covered with my luscious Amber Lustre unique OOAK glaze.

I make these bottles up to 26" (as tall as my kiln can fit to fire) and I give workshops and demonstrations on bottle making, since other potters have a difficult time believing that such objects can be made on the wheel without the use of an extruder or a mold. A very difficult form to throw!

The beautiful amber / sepia shiny crackle glaze is my own creation and I have been known for it for many years first in my homeland of Greece and now in the U.S. through many shows and galleries. It is the result of watching dragonflies flying around my luscious summer garden. The iridescence is achieved by adding 6% 22K Gold in powder form into the glaze and a reduction firing (absence of oxygen during firing).

You can use it with dried flowers, it is decorative and does not hold water.

Very classic form and color, it brightens up any room and fits with any decor.

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