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Large Yarn bowl leaf Big cake Knitting Bowl 3D printed eco friendly plastic Lavender blue

By BlueRoomPottery

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NEW, Large Yarn bowl leaf Knitting Bowl 3D printed eco friendly plastic Lavender blue Travel Crochet bowl knitter gifts Big cake Yarn holder

You will love this Large and useful crochet/knitting yarn bowl.
It is 7 inches wide and 4 1/2 inches tall.

It holds more than one normal balls of yarn, most economy skeins and Caron cakes. With 7 holes in addition to the leaf cutout and the slot, for resting your needles / crochet hooks.

A great addition to my ceramic yarn bowl collection for those of you that would like to take your project with you everywhere you go. It is very light (about 6 ounces) and very durable.

NO NEED to sand my 3D printed yarn bowls.
All the cutouts and the holes are rounded and smooth and they let the yarn move and slide through easily without snagging as you use it. Ready to be used out of the box.
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Made from PLA eco friendly plastic, which derives from corn and it's biodegradable.
3D printed in my studio with my exclusive leaf design that my son helped me create.

It's been very interesting to work with my son and watch my designs be converted into a digital file and then printed out slowly over the course of 12 or so hours. It's not an automatic a process as one might think, as it takes a lot of adjustment and fine tuning. In many ways very similar to handmade ceramics.

And like ceramics, each peace is a unique piece of Art, just in time for your gift giving!

Just place the yarn ball in the yarn bowl and pull the thread through the slot as you knit. Yarn bowls keep the ball from rolling across the floor, out of your kitty's playful paws, and it will twist and turn in the bowl as it gets unraveled while you knit!

Please contact me with any questions. 

COPYRIGHT NOTICE: The design of this handmade 3D printed Art piece is not public domain. This design and all associated images and descriptive text are © copyright 2019 by Marietta LeMieux (Marietta Theodorou-LeMieux) either registered or unregistered, unless otherwise noted. Attempting to reverse engineer the files used to print this 3D object is a violation of this copyright. Posting to or downloading from any public forum reverse engineered files which could be used to print this 3D object is a violation of this copyright. Violation of this copyright may subject the violator to civil and/or criminal prosecution. Copyright DOES NOT transfer with purchase and no license to reproduce is created or should be inferred.
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