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Large 8"-9" Yarn bowl, Autumn Gold Handmade Pottery knitting Bowl

By BlueRoomPottery

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Approx. 8-9" inches wide and 4-4.5 inches tall. A large and useful yarn bowl.

Design has multiple holes in the shape of leaves and flowers as you can see from the detail photo to the side, so that you can work with 2 or 3 different balls of yarn. Made on the potter's wheel, with hand cut and carved leaf designs while still unfired.

A beautiful color that looks exactly like the trees outside with their leaves turning color into the beautiful autumnal yellows and red-browns. This lovely yarn bowl is glazed with beautiful Autumn Gold and Warm Brown glazes.

Keeps Yarn Moving Freely and Easily since all the holes are rounded and SMOOTH. Just place the yarn ball in the yarn bowl and pull the thread through the slot as you knit. Yarn bowls keep the ball from rolling across the floor, out of your kitty's playful paws, and it will twist and turn in the bowl as it gets unraveled while you knit!

Please note that the bowl you will be receiving will NOT be the bowl in the photograph, but one very similar to it.

Since all the work is handmade, please allow for a slight variation of designs and glazes. The pieces are usually almost the same to the photograph.

This yarn bowl would make a great gift, for those knitters you love or just buy it for yourself.

Here is some recent feedback left by another satisfied customer:

"It's so beautiful! It's so useful! It's already supporting a scarf underway. It's bigger than I thought but then I hadn't thought too hard about the size that it would be to contain two balls. I'm using the open slit and it guides the yarn without snagging. Very well made, wonderful glaze and a very pretty cutout design. Thanks so much!"

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