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Earring Bowl with blue drip highlights

By BlueRoomPottery

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Earring Bowl, Large Jewelry Bowl Jewelry organizer, handmade ceramic, pottery bowl, earring holder Multi-Function Stud & Long Earrings storage


It is quite large, approx. 8-9 inches wide and 4 1/2 inches tall.

The especially unique part of this bowl is the upper rim. It is vertical, and has slots to store and display stud earrings. Take a look at the detail photo to see how this works.

This Multi-Function Double Decker Earring Bowl™ is ideal for those who just have too much jewelry. Not that it's really possible to have too much jewelry, but it's certainly possible to have enough jewelry that it's hard to organize it.

This Multi-Function Double Decker Earring Bowl™ has two rims (Sort of implied by Double Decker, don't you think?) to help you regain control of your growing jewelry collection. Read more about the multi-function feature of this bowl below!

The lower rim has LOTS of holes to hang earrings and other things that would otherwise just end up lying on the table or falling onto the floor. This is similar to other jewelry bowls you may have seen, although ours is the ONLY one with TWO rims.

And of course you can put bracelets, necklaces and just about anything else you want to organize inside the bowl for safekeeping. The bowl is finished with a smooth shiny white glaze highlighted with a luscious blueberry syrup effect glaze. It is attractive, and functional, just like you.

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