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15 Mykonos Greek Ceramic Beads, Tiny Gear, Radiant Orchid Purple MB2

By Mykonos Beads

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This listing is for 15 Medium Purple Greek ceramic beads mini gears with a large hole. They make a great addition to your Jewelry / Sewing / embroidery / scrapbooking supplies.

Size: 6.5-7mm
Width of hole: 2.5mm - 2.7mm

2mm thick plus (since they are handmade they vary very slightly in thickness) 

These ceramic beads are high fired. They have a lovely earthy matte finish and since they are all handmade by clay they vary a bit.

They are not exactly all the same color and they have a beautiful organic look of wood and the warmth of clay. They are light weight yet sturdy and are a perfect cost effective addition to a bracelet, necklace or earring.

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