Unlike anything you've seen before... 

Large White Silky Porcelain Pebble Bud Vase

By Marietta Theodorou-LeMieux

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A porcelain rock / pebble that is hand-thrown on the potter's wheel and glazed with a sparkly matte white glaze, which is a very beautiful smooth buttery glaze. Fired at cone 8 in an electric kiln.

It measures 4.5" wide, by 2.25" high.

It can be used as a bud vase and it's water tight as as well as an oil-lamp and we ship it with a wick and a funnel for easy non-spill filling.

We personally like these pebbles as plain decorative and have a group of them in a large bowl on our living room table.

Check back often for more designs and available color options.

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